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Water in Urban Places

PhD - Thesis by Katrin Korth
Wasser auf städtischen Plätzen 1
Wasser auf städtischen Plätzen 2
Wasser auf städtischen Plätzen

This work focuses on design and planning strategies for urban water arrangements. It analyzes 

empirical data and combines basic theoretical knowledge with elaborate practical know-how. It unites urban-geographical, historical, social, art-historical, cultural, perceptual-psychological, climatic, functional, technical, legal and economic aspects and outlines its conclusions through well-selected historical illustrations as well as convincing proprietary photos and graphic works. 

The work provides specific and generalizable recommendations for the design, implementation and operation of wells and fountains. It contributes to the discussion in areas like urban planning, open space design, and the history of technology or civil engineering. 

p.b.: Fountains field in Freudenstadt (Photo Katrin Korth). r.p.a.: Schematic diagram of water technology for a fountain (Grafic Katrin Korth); r.p.m.: Fuhrmann fountain in Mengen; r.p.m.: Watercourse Stadtgarten in Weingarten (Photo Katrin Korth); r.p.b: Forst (Grafic Katrin Korth)